Silverland Farm, Ravenshead131 Main Road, Ravenshead, Nottingham, NG15 9GS

Directions coming from the Larch Farm crossroads (approaching from the West)

The Larch Farm crossroads are at the intersection with the A60 Mansfield/Nottingham Road, and the B6020 (Kirkby Road / Main Road).

From the Larch Farm crossroads, head East towards Ravenshead and Blidworth.  The farm is 0.7 miles on the LHS, and is the first building on the LHS after some open fields.


Directions from Blidworth (approaching from the East)

Follow the main road through Blidworth heading for Ravenshead on the B6020.  Stay on this road into the village of Ravenshead.  The main village is on the RHS.  Note the white public house on the RHS “The Little John”.  Pass the next smallholding on the RHS called New Farm, and enter Silverland Farm as the next on the RHS.

Silverland Farm is 300m past the Little John on the RHS


The Farmhouse is a red brick building with a white conservatory on the front.